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Standing here with poison in my pocket.

Special Report by Journalist Luscinda Dickey

Lady Hyacinth: If I’m ever to show my face in society again, I’ve got to find a new cause of my own and quickly. Come, come, any ideas?

Monty Navarro: If I may your Ladyship, one hears about such an abundance of actors in Winston-Salem these days…

Lady Hyacinth: Winston-Salem. Land of the actors, directors, and wigs. Home to the arts and the dramatically obsessed. That’s it! We’ll establish an assembly of reporters, who will all write acclaimed reviews. Capturing national attention, to honor and admire the measly efforts of those Broadway types. As my first move of charity, I will take over publishing reviews on behalf of that Miss. Luscinda Dickey. My selflessness will be met with great acclaim! Come to think of it, what is the point of helping others unless you let the whole world know? Call the Winston-Salem Journal!

A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder: a review by Lady Hyacinth D’Ysquith

I am one of the starring—and most famous—characters in A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder. I most recently took the stage February 7-9 & 12-16, 2020 in the The Little Theatre’s of Winston Salem production which was directed by Chad Edwards and music directed by Rick Hendricks. But enough about me.

Richard “Trey” Cameron III offered a charmingly, engaging performance as as Montague “Monty” Navarro. He was so engaging that you found yourself feeling that the stage was lacking something when he was not there. Mr. Cameron has a voice that freely moves from a rich lower tone to a pure high falsetto that was the perfect dose for the complex yet fun vocal parts of the lead role.

The two leading ladies—Ms. Kaitlyne Colbert as Sibella Hallward and Ms. Kira Arrington as Phoebe D’Ysquith—gave beautiful performances as Monty’s two love interests. Ms. Colbert brought to life what Monty says about Sibella: “…There’s that smile with a secret inside, and here are two eyes that are bright with a mischievous light…I know that your embrace is a treacherous place. There’s danger in your smile.” The flirtatious Sibella pushed and pulled Monty’s emotions back and forth raising his hopes in one scene only to let them crash in the next. Ms. Arrington embodied the tender, strong, and well-bread characteristics of Phoebe. You could not help but get caught up on Ms. Arrington’s storytelling especially when she sang. She boasted a pure soprano voice that flew up and down the musical staff like the voice of a nightingale.

Of course, how can I not mention that terrific actor who played me and rest of the D’Ysquith Family. This actor is the best of the bunch—Seph Schonekas. He is the talent of the quick change and one amazing character developer. His comedic antics and expressions brought bouts of roaring laughter from the audience.

Before I finish, let’s hear a round of thundering applause for the talented ensemble lead by Heidi Shafer as Miss Shingle. Last, a standing ovation for Tara Raczenski who designed the stunning costumes and Bland Wade who created the lovely set!

For adorable musical theatre enthusiasts, I think they all did rather well don’t you?