Show Reviews

Magic Graces the Stage with Spring Theatre’s Production of Disney’s The Lion King Jr.

Special Report by Journalist Luscinda Dickey

The moment the lights went up on the stage of Disney’s The Lion King Jr., the audience was transported to the colorful world of the African Savanna. The actors were just kids like me, but I laughed at the antics of Timon, Olivia Trauth, and Pumbaa, Emily G Cox; I felt like crying at the death of Mufasa, Sam Stowe; and I could sense the deep emotions of Simba, Kyle Brady.

The dancing, choreographed by Jordan Medley and Erinn Dearth, was awesome! From the sweeping waltz of “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” to the rousing tap of “Hakuna Matata,” the audience was on its toes waiting for what was going to happen next!

There was so much to feast your eyes on! The lighting, designed by Dan Beckmann, set the stage for each scene. The three great boulders of Pride Rock moved around captivating you with ever the changing vista.

In total Disney’s The Lion King Jr. was an evening of fun, laughter, and pure enjoyment. Spring Theatre has truly breathed new breath into the circle of life.