Disney’s Frozen Jr. Inspires

Special Report by Journalist Luscinda Dickey

“Let it go!” sings Elsa, Ava Belle Jones, as snowflakes dance around her. “Let it go!!!” sing two little girls sitting one row from the back of the house. The moment could have thawed the coldest heart. Disney’s Frozen Jr., presented by The Little Theatre of Winston Salem, was full of such moments.

To see a group of actors retelling one of my favorite movies in musical form was delightful! There were the same characters and the same songs (plus some new ones), and of course, there was the same story. Though, being a condensed version of the full Broadway production, I found the flow a little choppy.

The set was limited due to the small venue, but I liked the way it was used. It was made of boxes that could stack and twist. Meaning that the set could be reconfigured using the same pieces for each and every scene leaving the stage with a different look.

All in all, some of my favorite elements included the perfectly matched costumes by Tara Raczenski and the toe tapping energy filled dance of “Hygge.” Plus, who could have resisted the warm hugs of Olaf, Caroline Mendenhall.

I believe that performances like Disney’s Frozen Jr. are necessary. Not only do they provide young actors and actresses like me with a wonderful chance to perform, but they also inspire the next generation of performers and theatre goers after us.

Thank you The Little Theatre for inspiring others.